Julienna Goddard, a.k.a. YesJulz, has quickly become one of the most personalities online, using snapchat as her platform to go from Miami’s social scene to the mainstream. Known as the “Director of Vibes”, Julz and her enthusiasm are contagious. By capturing second-by-second recaps of her daily life, YesJulz’s audience lives with her- from hilarious dinner parties, to hanging out at home, to an exclusive look at NBA All-Star weekend and Art Basel, impromptu short interviews with celebrities, and outrageous girl talk conversations.

Her boundless amounts of energy and relationships with the most popular names in music and sports produce some of the most memorable moments. Through her work with companies such as Revolt TV and Beats by Dre, she is quickly gaining recognition from both her industry leading peers and the marketers at some of the top brands today. Julz is our modern day “Truman Show”.

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