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Julz Goddard, better known as YesJulz, has quickly become one of the most popular personalities online consequently taking the branding and marketing world by storm. By aptly using social media to share her life’s adventures, the self-proclaimed ‘Director of Vibes’ garnered her mass audience – with both brands and youth alike – by her profound transparency when sharing her greatest achievements and also her most difficult times. YesJulz’s honesty partnered with her contagious enthusiasm is what helped transcend from the social media realm to the real world bringing her followers along for the ride. Whether she’s leading her own all female branding/marketing agency, curating her international party #1AMVIBES, giving you an exclusive look at events like NBA All-Star weekend, managing up-and-coming artist 070Shake, impromptu interviews with celebrities for her #NeverNotWorking podcast, or launching her own 1AM Radio on Dash Radio, YesJulz is nothing short of a force to be reckoned with.

Her boundless amounts of energy and quality relationships with some of the most popular names in music, sports and fashion have produced memorable moments for the next generation. YesJulz has quickly gained recognition from both industry leading peers and marketers at some of the top companies today. Through her work with brands like Puma, Vevo, South Dade Toyota, Hpnotiq, Red Bull, Viber, and more, she is redefining how companies engage with their audience.  It is with her exemplary work ethic and fierce motivation that Julz continues to grow; breaking boundaries as both the “talent” and the business Woman while truly bringing her #NeverNotWorking mantra to life.

While juggling her fast paced daily life and philanthropy efforts through #HashtagLunchbag Miami and Jack Brewer Foundation, Julz is our modern day “Truman Show” and is well on her way to accomplishing her ultimate goal, bridging the goal between cool & conscious.