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The Box

OO & CO is thrilled to have The Box, Miami’s first technology-driven boutique boxing studio, a part of the team. In a flourishing health and wellness community, The Box is excited to bring a fresh new take on boxing to the neighborhood. The studio combines training expertise and sleek aesthetics to offer Midtown a one-of-a-kind fitness experience. At The Box, a mix of high-intensity interval training and body-weight exercises burn calories and tone muscle in a small-group setting. Most important is the unique technology each heavy bag is equipped with to track boxers’ “knockout score,” a quantitative metric that measures activity and encourages improvement. 

While most classes occur in a group setting with a total of 30 bags available, one-on-one personal training is available with The Box owner and professional boxer, Alvin Davie, as well as the other instructors. After sweating it out, participants can bask in their post Box glory, tracking progress, in the reception area’s fully stocked juice bar.