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Rise Nation

Rise Nation is the first climbing cardio class to hit the market and has since solidified itself as a leader in the group cardio sector o the fitness industry.

The class incorporates the natural cross-crawl matio that is innate to the human body which reinforces proper movement patterns and utilizes every major muscle group. The Rise Nation class is a 30 minute workout that has been proven to burn more calories per minute than any other cardio program.

Rise Nation delivers the most effective, safe, and time efficient training on the market. The Rise Nation methodology incorporates a visually stimulating environment that makes the 30 minute Rise NAtion class more than just a workout but an interactive and energetic experience.

By utilizing the Versa Climber machine, climber undergo a zero impact cardio workout that minimizes stress on the connective tissue and joints. The program was created to offer a greater, result driven workout while minimizing the risk of injury which is often overlooked but of the utmost importance in group training.

With proven success, Rise Nation has taken the industry by storm brining in A-list clientele and continuously selling selling out classes, creating a demand for more locations. The program has been featured on numerous media outlets including BBC, Wall Street Journal, Men’s Health, Entertainment Tonight ,People Magazine, The Doctors, and more.