Jordan “JAM” Mermell

Jordan was born and raised in Miami, Florida and started taking pictures before he could walk. He was formally trained in photography at The Maine Photographic Workshops, The Rhode Island School of Design, and Naropa (where he earned his Bachelors). Starting off as a strictly film photographer, Jordan composed fine art photography centered around flowers and light. After college, Jordan moved into commercial photography. Most recently Jordan has begun a transition to editorial photography, working with The Standard Hotels, and focusing on fashion and lifestyle. Throughout the process, Jordan has stayed true to his roots as a black and white film photographer. His photos are composed with the utmost marksmanship and tact. He emphasizes the distinction between taking photographs and making photographs, that later holding the keys to the photographic experience. The harmonious arrangement of reality drives his passion, and he stay keen with a beginners mind and the prospect that his career and work have only begun. Jordan’s strength does not reside in works he has already created, or in the works yet to come, but rather in the prowess of any moment he has a camera in his hand. He can make any moment and capture it well, yet honor his practice with words of  William and remembers that, “All the worlds a stage, and all the men and women are merely players…”